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I use video to record my encounters with the world. They reflect my desire to practice slow-looking and share that experience with others.


This video shows the strength of the sea as it hits some rocks. Whilst the tide brings in wave after wave none are the same, either in their shape or impact as they crash into the rock. This is the natural world in action. There is a continual smoothing and polishing of the stone as each wave leaves a trace of where it has been in its gradual sculpting of a new form.


This was recorded during the first lockdown. I am fascinated by the sun as it comes through foliage and hits a surface, creating a dance of light and shade. The performance is accompanied by a backdrop of birdsong. The birds singing seemed exceptionally loud as though they were saying, ‘yes, now we can be heard’.


The waves move relentlessly in encountering rocks in their path. Each one finds its way through, seeking the shoreline before starting all over again. The flow of water describes the shape of each rock, overtime moulding them to expedite its journey.

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