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One of my interests as an artist lies in gaining a greater critical understanding of what artistic practice is or may be. In particular, I am interested in how work can be made in response to an exploration of the world and the sensation of being present within it, together with how ideas such as chance, uncertainty and slow-looking are incorporated within artistic practice.

I am interested in the artist's working posture and believe that the meaning of chance, contingency and uncertainty are bound up together as each individual pursues and courts them differently.

Slow-looking or a poetic gaze is an important feature of my work. I practice this particularly in my videos. Whether it be light falling on a fence, or waves crashing the shore, I encourage the viewer to enter into a dialogue with the images that cursory looking cannot achieve.

The following are  a selection of books, articles and websites relating to ideas or artists which have informed my thinking and practice.



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Lubin, D. (2017) ‘Slow Looking’ - -

Roberts, J. (2013) ‘The Power of Patience’ Summation of a talk at The Harvard initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) – May 2013 - (PDF) The Power of Patience (2013) | Jennifer L Roberts -


BBC Radio 3 – Art & Ideas: Tacita Dean: Mountains, John Tyndall 24/05/2018. Interview with Eleanor Barraclough -

BBC Radio 4 – Only Artists – Max Richter meets Tacita Dean -

Eleanor Suess -

Joan Mitchell – What happens to you?

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