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These are works on paper. They are exploring ideas, whether that be of images suspended in space, the capturing of cast shadows or experiments potentially leading to considered paintings.



Acrylic on paper

67cm by 75cm

These organic shapes hang in the pictorial space. Their forms captured my imagination and, in allowing my pencil to wander, one of them became a face. For me it raises questions as to what they are, where they are and what they are part of. My personal view is that the best work presents you with mystery and leaves you wondering.

04. Acrylic - 84.5cm by 75cm.JPG

Coming Together

Acrylic on paper

83.5cm by 74.5cm

This piece is capturing a coalescence of organic masses. It feels very much like a snapshot of the action and that, had I waited, more material would have arrived which would have informed the work further.  

Acrylic - 106cm by 109cm.JPG

Acrylic on paper
106cm by 109cm

This study developed from a small section of another work. I used the colour and marks to explore what might be and whether it could be developed into a painting. It was made with spontaneity and quick consideration.

65. Acrylic & Pastel - 60cm by 43cm.JPG

Falling Shadows

Acrylic on paper

60cm by 43cm

The dance of the shadows recorded in ‘real’ time. The brightness and heat of the sun are embedded in the painting surface. 


Acrylic on paper
41cm by 48cm

This started as a colour study. Using fluid acrylic it allowed the colours to meld and by chance form a head shape. This is an example of the need for slow looking to appreciate what is there and what it might become.

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