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FrancesRobinson - 2.JPG

Bird's Eye View

Acrylic on canvas

40cm by 40cm

This was inspired by a satellite photo of Cairo and the river Nile. It caught my attention as it feeds into my interest in disruption of surface and how ‘living’ surfaces evolve and change over time. I saw the image as an ‘abstracted’ view of the surface of the earth which I have abstracted further.



Acrylic on canvas

60cm by 50cm

This a further investigation of a pastel work which tracked the movement of the pastel over paper to record an exploration of the landscape. The pastel work was made quickly as though the moment needed to be captured in ‘real’ time. Having the information to hand the painting is more considered and allows the viewer to see the scene as it unfolded.



Acrylic on canvas

91cm by 61cm

Out of the atmosphere came something. As I added more and more red tone to the surface of the painting these forms appeared to be recorded for perpetuity. The drawing is intended to help make sense of the image but in fact adds to the mystery. 

Acrylic - 50cm by 60cm - 2.JPG

Acrylic & pastel on canvas
50cm by 60cm

This work is an example of the medium leading the way. It was inspired by a photograph of Australian Iron Ore and explores colour and mark making. Using different consistencies of paint allowed for the elements of chance and uncertainty to play out. 

Acrylic - 76cm by 101.5cm - 1.JPG

Acrylic & pastel on canvas
76cm by 101.5cm

In attempting to make an arc spiral shapes formed. I thought they were interesting so I developed them. They hang mysteriously in the picture space making the viewer wonder what is beyond them. 

Acrylic - 76cm by 101.5cm - 2.JPG

Acrylic & pastel on canvas
76cm by 101.5cm

This image reflects my desire to incorporate accident and chance with thought, reflection and perseverance. It is a direct result of slow-looking and allowing the painting to create surprise.

Acrylic - 50cm by 60cm - 6.JPG

Acrylic & pastel on canvas
76cm by 101.5cm

I am interested in the sides of the canvas so begun this painting with the two vertical sides, allowing the forms to organically grow and move across the surface. 


Acrylic on canvas
50.5cm by 61cm

This is further experimentation with the sides and edges of the canvas, using accident and chance. It has resulted in almost two different paintings. The yellow binds them both together and allows them to communicate.  



Acrylic on canvas

50.5cm by 61cm

This painting was inspired by a pastel rubbing. The colour and the drawing describe fragments of organic material which have floated into view and then suspended in time, to be captured on the canvas.

Acrylic - 45cm by 60cm.JPG

Acrylic on canvas
45cm by 60cm

The inspiration for this painting came from some melting ice in a bucket. It is a ‘living’ surface. The colour and mark making are intended to illustrate the texture and movement of the ice as it gently melts away.

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