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I explore the landscape through active engagement with it and these drawings have been made in response to its contours and textures.  

These pieces are pastel rubbings of the ground that have been worked into.  

Pastel - 29.5cm by 40.5cm.JPG


Pastel on paper

29.5cm by 40.5cm

I believe the body and the landscape sit together and this work is an example of that. Having created a colourful ground through a pastel rubbing the drawing on the top captures some of the contours of the ground and the ‘body’ within it.

Pastel 42cm by 30cm.JPG


Pastel on paper

42cm by 30cm

This represents the structural lines within a path and the exploration of the pastel as it seeks out what is hidden beneath the paper.

Pastel - 59cm by 42cm.JPG


Pastel on paper

59.5cm by 42cm

A rubbing of the texture of stone and the traces of the pastel as it moves over it. This work feels atmospheric, having captured something transient, perhaps trails of smoke as they waft overhead.



Compressed charcoal  & pencil on paper

39cm by 39cm

Another rubbing of stonework which has teased out an imagined land within the actual landscape. You have an aerial view overlooking treetops in a forest.


Untitled - No.1

Charcoal & pastel on paper

59.5cm by 42cm

This piece and the one below are experimental works. Having used compressed charcoal to make a rubbing I have then added pastel highlights.


Untitled - No.2

Charcoal & pastel on paper

42cm by 59.5cm

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