My name is Frances Robinson. At the heart of my practice is an innate need to make work. I see this as a journey of discovery in terms of the trajectory of my practice, my understanding of the world around me and as a way of expressing my inner thoughts, experiences and emotions.

"I aim to create a space where the artist and viewer can enjoy a shared proximity to the subject".


2019 - 2021 MA Fine Art, University of Chichester, West Sussex

2013 - 2018 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Northbrook College, West Sussex.

2012 – 2016 Painting Peer Group, Farlington School Evening Programme, Horsham.

2005 – 2009 Life drawing taught by Bernard Lord, Easteds Barn, Horsham.

2004 -2005 Watercolour class, Aspire Sussex, Crawley.

1980 – 1995 Life Drawing, Aspire Sussex, Crawley.



Capitol Theatre, Horsham.


Colonnade House, Worthing. Four Views.

Old Truman Brewery, London. Free Range. 

Pallant House Gallery, Chichester. Interventions.


Free Range, Old Truman Brewery, London. Free Range.

Southampton Solent University. Small Faces Open Exhibition.

Worthing Library, Worthing. On the Fringe.


Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Farlington Painting Peer Group.


Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Farlington Painting Peer Group.

Worthing Library, Worthing. Northbrook Six.


Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Farlington Painting Peer Group.


Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Farlington Painting Peer Group.

The focus of my work is to share my observations and experiences of the natural world. I study nature so I can bring to the fore it's capaciousness, complexity and beauty. 

My aim is to portray the temporality and fragility of life and I endeavour to depict these qualities in my work. Thus I celebrate the ability of painting to capture the moment and give eternal life to the subject.

I am interested in mark-making and am captivated by colour. I enjoy experimenting with colour and the relationship between colours. I use acrylic paint as it allows me to work quickly thanks to its drying properties. My visual research is photography so I always have a camera with me which enables me to capture flowers wherever I see them.

My interest in colour and mark-making is a major influence in my choice of artists within my contextual research. I am inspired by Gillian Ayres whose work is full of colour and texture. Within the area of flower painting there is a mixture between illustrative work such as Helena Goldwater and the more abstract approach of Emma Bennett. For me, my work lies between the two.

England, UK

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