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At the heart of my practice is an innate need to make work. I see this as a journey of discovery in terms of the trajectory of my practice, my understanding of the world around me and as a way of expressing my inner thoughts, experiences and emotions.


"I aim to create a space where the artist and viewer can enjoy a shared proximity to the subject".



2019 - 2021 MA Fine Art, University of Chichester, West Sussex

2013 - 2018 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Northbrook College, West Sussex.

2012 – 2016 Painting Peer Group, Farlington School Evening Programme, Horsham.

2005 – 2009 Life drawing taught by Bernard Lord, Easteds Barn, Horsham.

2004 -2005 Watercolour class, Aspire Sussex, Crawley.

1980 – 1995 Life Drawing, Aspire Sussex, Crawley.


Bramley Grange, Angmering. 

St Michaels, University of Chichester, Bognor Regis. Phoenix.

Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Solo exhibition

DC1Gallery, Eastbourne. DC Postcard Show.

Colonnade House, Worthing. Four Views.

Old Truman Brewery, London. Free Range. 
Pallant House Gallery, Chichester. Interventions.

Free Range, Old Truman Brewery, London. Free Range.

Southampton Solent University. Small Faces Open Exhibition.

Worthing Library, Worthing. On the Fringe.

Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Farlington Painting Peer Group.

Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Farlington Painting Peer Group.

Worthing Library, Worthing. Northbrook Six.

Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Farlington Painting Peer Group.
Capitol Theatre, Horsham. Farlington Painting Peer Group.



I have a meditative approach to both looking at the world and my work. I am ‘looking to see’, to experience the texture and sensation of being in the world which I express through drawing, painting or video. 

I see the main theme of my work as making in response to what I describe as slow-looking or a ‘poetic gaze’, observing and recording the materiality and texture of the landscape through drawing, painting or video.  
This may be the play of light through foliage on a surface, the movement of a pastel over an exterior surface or the act of painting itself disrupting the surface of a canvas. 

I am interested in the process of making, when painting or drawing, of being in a moment where anything is possible and the outcome is unknown. I use accident and chance, letting the medium lead the way. In painting or drawing, mark-making is an important element. The making, shifting and adjusting of marks produce sedimentation of material which makes up the final image.  

Abstract painting allows me to create a wonderful line between something ambiguous and something more definite which asks questions both of myself and the viewer. 

My video work is a form of drawing, reflecting my practice of slow-looking and close engagement with the world as it presents itself to me.

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